Equity Analysis on Banking Sector Stocks

Banking Sector in India has been engaged in banking sector reforms aimed at increasing the profitability and efficiency of the public-sector banks that controlled about all deposits, assets and credit. IN Equity Market many banks are listed and Investor finds the Best Stock Tips Provider in Indore. A major purpose of investment is to get a return or income on the funds (money)invested.The most important characteristic of financial assets is the size and variability of their future returns, which depends on the risk related, with the assets. Hence, risk-return analysis has significance in predicting future returns of the assets.The risk,return and beta (market risk) of the stocks are calculated for a period of one year, using statistical or analytical techniques, which helps in predicting future returns of the assets and assists in better decision making. The banking sector is dominated by scheduled commercial banks (SCBs). The Banking system remains the focal point in the financial setup of the country and more so in the context of a developing country like India.